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Olympic Peninsula Fishing Innovations (OPFI) is a small 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that designs and

produces unique and adaptive devices that allow individuals with physical limitations to participate in

fly-fishing and fly-tying.  The products are available at no charge to anyone who could benefit from the

adaptive design.  After meeting individuals who were unable to enjoy these activities due to a lost limb,

trauma, or brain injury that impaired the function of their arm or hand, OPFI was formed and the

Evergreen Hand and Casting Partner products were developed.  

OPFI hopes these products can bring independence, peace, and a little fun to those facing a challenging recovery. 

We believe fly-fishing and fly-tying are relaxing activities that hold recreational and therapeutic value and can

help someone battling PTSD, depression, and hopelessness by healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Every day individuals around the country start therapy after a stroke, accident, surgical recovery, or work-related injury affects their ability to function.  We hope our products bring independence, peace of mind and a little fun to those facing a challenging a recovery.  Those individuals want to hear what they can do instead of what they can’t.


"Our mission is to design, produce and deliver at no cost, unique and adaptive devices for individuals with limitations to participate in the sport of

fly tying and fishing"

Corporate & Non-Profit Partners

We gratefully acknowledge our Partners who have made this venture possible:


                                           Boeing: Substantial donations in design, product development, equipment, materials, and production

make it possible to share the Casting Partner with you. Boeing helped us move our prototype Casting Partner into the final stage of design by using CATIA software to develop two 3D modeled parts that require minimal assembley.  When Boeing is not running the 3D printer for their own products, they are using it to print 3D modeled parts for the Casting Partner.


Learn More About Boeing's Military and Veteran Programs : Boeing 2014 Corporate Citizenship Report




Home Depot: The Home Depot donates PVC tubing and fasteners necessary to assemble the Casting Partner.




Project Healing Waters:  Promotes and distributes our products through their 207 programs and existing channels of outreach and communication. 




International Federation of Fly Fishers: Promotes and distributes our products through their existing  communication network and outreach efforts. 





We extend a much appreciated thank you to our volunteer teams who donate their personal time to support our mission.  Our products are assembled by volunteers who meet at one of our three facilties and donate their time and labor to bring our products to you. 


Our extraordinary volunteer team includes recovering military service men & women, veterans,  Boy Scouts of America, Greywolf Fly Fishers, Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishers, and local residents.


If you are interested in volunteering with us at our Sequim, WA location or supporting us in another way, please contact us!  We need help with community outreach, searching for non-profit organizations that could benefit from our products, and finding potential sponsors & donors.  We are open to any ideas you may have that support our growth and our goals.


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