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Olympic Peninsula Fishing Innovations gratefully acknowledges the following corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, private clubs, and individuals that contributed to our fund with cash or an in kind donation.  Their support of OPFI helps us maintain our comittment to helping those facing a challenging recovery through fly-fishing and tying flies.

Thank you!

Up to $99


Woman's Flyfishing

Patricia Buersmeyer

Vivian Brown

Ann Marie Heninger

Thomas & Chantell Collins

Clarence Buersmeyer

Jan Schroeder

Gail & Harry Nelson

Michael & Marcylyn Kleinberg

G & L Hester

Anne Zvirblis

Eric Eversole

Robert G. Davis

Jeffery & Erica Pearl

Roger & Pierrette Plourde

Susan & Brett Damm

James & Kathleen Watson

Wytold Lebing

Michael & Wilda Gallaavan

Vance & Alexa Thompson

Maura Johnson

Ed Green

Alan Kowitz

Cathy Hamilton


In Kind Donations


Home Depot

Claar Wine Group

Phil Shive

Coop Cooper

Ken Pennington

Scott Adler

Jesse Scott

Dean Childs

Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishers

Jim & Kelly Watt

Troy Ott

Chuck & Darlene Whitney

Joshua Williams, Dead Drift Outfitters

Bruce Savaglio

Megan Brocco

Linda Bachand

Jessica Olif

Don Edwards

Vic Cutter/PAC BAY International

Styler Embroidery & Design





$5,000 and Above



Atlantic Salmon Fly International 2016

Atlantic Salmon Fly International 2014

Campane Creative


$2,000 to $4,999


Veteran's of Foreign Wars - Carlsborg

International Federation of Fly Fishers

Terry Looper

Washington Fly Fishing Club

Brian Mayer


$1,000 to $1,999


Washington Council IFFF

Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild

Washington County Fly Fishers

Daver Tiryakioglu


$500 to $999


Big Horn River Alliance

Joseph & Sharon Hudon

Harry & Marlene Lemire

American Legion Post #62

Veterans of Foreign Wars - Redmond

Overlake Fly Fishing Club

Heart of America Flyfishers Inc.

Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishers

Chuck & Darlene Whitney

George & Linda Selvy

Northwest Fly Anglers








$250 to $499


Greywolf Fly Fishers

Fly Fishers Club of Pennsylvania

Renton Fly Show

Livingston IFFF Show

Chuck & Darlene Whitney

Tim & Toni Howland

Howard & Nancy Johnson

Steven Moll & Lauren Doyle


$100 to $249


North Idaho Fly Fishing

Fidalgo Fly Fishing Club

Frank Amato

Mary Reid

Trout Unlimited Chattahochee

Hunter & Linda Bachand

Chris Evans

Tom Collins

Douglas Mollet

Mary Gibney

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4760

Ellensburg Fly Show

David & Judy Croonquist

Jesse & Joan Scott

Ellen Clark

Ivan & Karla Winger

Edmonds Salmon / Trout Unlimited

John F Kelly Jr.

Terry & Judy Dix

Wayne Balsiger

Gene Yotsuuye

Coffman Engineers

Robert Mitzner

Stell Moll

John Barney

Michael Koerner

Scott Taylor

If you would like your donation to remain anonymous or to report a change, please email us directly.


The following groups have supported our mission by donating space in their publications for articles or advertising.

Thank you for helping us share our story with others and spread the word about our small non-profit.


Big Sky Journal   



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