EVERGREEN HAND: A One-Handed Fly Tying Device

The Evergreen Hand (named after the Evergreen State) was invented and developed by Jesse Scott and Marvin Johnson in 2007. Marvin suffered a serious hand injury that was preventing him from enjoying his hobby of fly tying and the two sat down to solve the problem. After several attempts, they hit upon the present, very successful design that allows the tier to tie with one hand. In the following years Jesse made about 50 of the units, (out of wood in those days) and gave them to friends. In 2012 Jesse teamed up with Dean Childs and later OPFI to make the Evergreen Hand available to everyone that needs it. They received seed funding from the International Federation of Fly Fishers and redesigned the product to make it more durable and easier to produce. Since then several hundred units have been produced and sent to fly tyers all over the country and Canada. The product is distributed by Olympic Peninsula Fishing Innovations, IFFF and PHWFF free of charge to anyone who needs one.


Order Your Evergreen Hand!


Your Evergreen Hand Kit includes:


  • Magnetic materials clip, a tool to capture and hold hair, and a soft loop tool

  • Link to instructional video online (see below)

  • Requires a vise with standard 3/8" diameter stem (not included)


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Evergreen Hand tool. When I was injured and suffered a stroke as a result of my injury, I never thought I would be able to tie flies again.  You have made this possible. Thanks.

Jesse Oliff

Sgt. United States Army, Iraq, Retired

I am a 18 year stroke survivor...I am frequently frustrated tying flies one handed.  My friends at NVATU cannot believe that I even tried one handed tying.  After watching the Evergreen Hand video (way cool I want one of those!), I can see that the device has addressed most of the issues frustrating me...

Kenn Hall

North Virginia Trout Unlimited, Centreville, VA

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