CASTING PARTNER: A One-Handed Fly Fishing Device

“Fly fishing is great therapy, absolutely great therapy,” said Childs.

“It gets people’s minds off their problems and they find things they can do

that they didn’t think they could do. Casting Partner provides the ability to do that.”

The Casting Partner is a device that allows the fly-fisher to cast and fish with one hand or one arm. It was designed and developed by Olympic Peninsula Fishing Innovations. Originally the concept was to create a device that would assist by performing the functions of the "line hand". But soon OPFI realized that the team needed to build a system that allows the fisher to be independent when desired. The device ended up with features that not only perform the functions of the line hand but also help put the device on, change flies, and land the fish. The Casting Partner is distributed free of charge by Olympic Peninsula Fishing Innovations, the International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) and Project Healing Waters to anyone who needs it.


Order Your Casting Partner!


Your Casting Partner Kit includes:


  • Accessories for putting the device on, changing flies & landing a fish

  • Line clippers and forcep tools

  • Link to instructional video online (see below)

  • Fly Rod not included


"Every once in awhile, a product comes out that has all the right tools for success.  As soon as I used the Casting Partner for the first time, I knew the creators were on to something... The compact size and ability to wear with a vest or pack makes the Casting Partner easy to use on long full days on the stream."

SSG Joshua D. Williams, USA, Retired

Roanoke, Virginia

“For people who are worse off than me with their arm missing; this would be a great tool.  For me with limited mobility, I could see this being very beneficial.”

Michael Daniels

Boeing, Seattle, WA, Retired United States Navy

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