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A One-Handed
Fly Fishing Device

The Casting Partner is a wearable device that allows an individual to independently cast and fly-fish with one working hand or arm. It assits in performing the functions of the line hand, allowing tying of knots, changing of flies, managing fly line, as well as fighting and landing a fish.


A One-Handed
Fly Tying Device

The Evergreen Hand is an accessory that converts a traditional vise into a one-handed fly-tying tool. Fly tying involves fine motor skills of the hands and fingers.  The device has helped some regain mobilty and dexterity by reinforcing traditional methods of physical therapy.  Other recipients enjoy the creative opportunity to craft fishing flies.


Fly Fish &
Fly Tie Again

Our products are available at no charge to anyone who could benefit from either device.  We simply ask you to fill out an order form with your contact information.


No form of payment is required to process your request within the United States.  For international orders, we do require payment to cover the cost of shipping & handling.

Casting Partner Suppliers

  • Boeing designs, builds, and graciously donates 3D printed componets for the Casting Partner

  • Home Depot provides PVC tubing and fasteners at no-cost

  • D&E Kustoms machines the PVC tubes

  • McMaster Carr provides fasteners and other miscellaneous parts


Evergreen Hand Suppliers

  • Home Depot donates small hardware and fasteners at no-cost

  • Interstate Plastics in Kent, WA provides high-density platstic urethane (HDPE)

  • Everett Steel provides 3/8" steel rods

  • McMaster Carr

  • Norm Norlander

  • Sheet Metal Workers union, man who cuts hardwood scrap

  • Ed Trinity sheet metal


Our products are assembled by an extraordinary team of volunteers who come to one of our three facilties and donate their time and labor.  The volunteer team includes recovering military service men & women, veterans,  Boy Scouts of America, Greywolf Fly Fishers, Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishers, and local residents.


Help us innovate! Please submit any ideas you may have for product improvements, new products, or sources for assembly and labor.  New ideas keep us going! Check back for updates on our progress in developing new products.


We are always looking for ways to improve product design and more cost-effective methods to produce our products.  An In Kind donation of design or production services is much appreciated!

New ideas keep us going!

We welcome your thoughts for improvement or a new product.

Our customers are our

greatest resource!


Our products are not patented and are in the public domain, available to anyone who wants to build their own or build for distribution to others.  Blueprints are available at no charge by contacting OPFI.

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