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Casting Partner & Evergreen Hand

Short Version: 3 min 51 sec

This is where the rubber meets the road or hopefully funds will get to OPF Innovations so they can build the Casting Partner with more durable parts and continue researching other valuable fishing aids for wounded warriors. As Kelly says in the movie...they need your help. Produced by Bennett-Watt HD Productions, Inc. or

Casting Partner & Evergreen Hand

Long Version: Learn How to Use Our Products 1 hr 13 min

Examples of the our products in use. Several hundred of the "Evergreen Hand" fly tying devices have been distributed to VA hospitals around the country.  Funding for these remarkable tools comes from donations and the personal funds of those at OPF Innovations. The OPF team work for $0 compensation, donating time, tools and materials. The Casting Partner and Evergreen Hand are important for therapy and recovery from PTSD for retiring warriors and others with physical limitations.

Produced by Bennett-Watt HD Productions, Inc.

Casting Partner

9 min 45 sec

The "Casting Partner" is a fly-fishing accessory that supports a one-handed fly fisher and allows him/her to be independent on the water. Its purpose is to replace all the operations normally done by the "line hand". This frees the fly-fisher's functional hand to cast the fly rod.

Evergreen Hand

45 min

A detailed Instructional Video showing how to use the "Evergreen Hand" one-handed fly tying device. 

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